Lateral Braid Loony

I’ve gone kinda nutty with my lateral braid hat.  It’s really a simple hat.  I just started with the basic hat pattern where you cast on stitches in a multiple of 8 – just like I learned from Ms. Claire!

But I am having fun with it.  I made it in really chunky yarn.  This hat turned out a little large.  It is roomy even on my large noggin.  Today I started one in regular bulky.  Next I want to do a child size in a sport weight.  Then if I am still so inspired, I will knit one in a worsted weight.  It’s fun seeing how it looks in different weights of yarn and sizes.  I will put up photos of my various experiments as soon as I finish them.  I need to come up with a name for my hat with the two lateral braids.

I took a couple of pictures of the redone back of The Sweater.  I thought, “wouldn’t it be cute to have Davey pose with it for me?”  It was a one shot deal.  I had one chance and one chance only.  If I did not get it on the first shot, then that would be the end of it.  One shot.

Failure.  Davey was  having no more of it. (I don’t blame him.  Why would he want to stand there with a giant knitted thing on his back?)  Why didn’t I check the light?  It’s terrible in here at night.

David was more cooperative.  And of course, it  took only one shot, as I figured out a better light source + night portrait.  It’s no photographic work of art by any means, but at least I can see at what I am looking. (really?  does that sound better than just sticking at at the end of the sentence?  Preposition positioning is a thorn in my writing side.)

Anyway,  Davey was sporting a new shirt today.  I only mention it because he just loves stripes.  He loves a stripey shirt.  The stripier the better.  (If I have to think about prepositions, then I am going to make up words every once in awhile. Although I just looked up stripey and  stripier and they do exist!)

“Mommy, I love stripes!”




5 thoughts on “Lateral Braid Loony

  1. You are doing a great job with the sweater. You inspire me. I am just working on a lowly scarf, socks and a wedding afgan. I need to get to doing some color work. The sweater is going to be beautiful.

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