Hangin’ Out with Davey

This morning we went to story hour, and then we met up with David for lunch. He loved story hour today, and then he is always happy to go meet up with Daddy.

We (I) were (was) tired when we got home.  Davey and I both have had this really minor stomach bug.  We were pretty much over it today, but he bounced back a little quicker than his “older” mom.

So we did some puzzles.

He got silly with the puzzles.

More silliness:

Then he decided that it was high time that he learned to use the camera.  It was fun to watch him wield that rather big camera.  Especially large in his small  hands.  He soon got the hang of just pushing the black button down a little until he heard the beep.  Then he started taking pictures like crazy.  He seemed to adopt my approach.  Take a million pictures and then get a neat one here and there.  Well I thought it was a neat one.

Tonight he got out the big puffy pipe cleaner toy things.  I can’t remember what they are called. They are fun though.

More silliness.  (He is not afraid to flare those tonsils!)

Then he wanted to take over the camera again.

And then it was bedtime.  Stories, and lots of, “I’m not tired.  I’m gonna stay up ’til mornin’.”   He’s not been real interested in sleeping lately.  He’s so very busy.


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