Lateral Braid Hat Pattern

I’ve been having fun “designing” my own hat.  To say I designed it is a bit of a stretch, because it is basically a stockinette hat with just a small variation.  However, I really like how the lateral braids look, and how they change the look of the basic hat.

Here’s the pattern: Lateral Braid Hat Pattern

I began with a 2×2 rib.  Next I knit one round of lateral braid, two rounds of just knit and then another round of lateral braid.   From that point it’s just knit and decrease.

So I made my first hat with an extra bulky Lion Wool-Ease yarn.  I didn’t like how it knitted up.  For one thing it’s huge.  For another, I don’t like the look of this acrylic/wool blend.  At least not for the hat.  It might be great in a different project.

So this is the prototype, but it is also blech.

Actually, I shouldn’t start with putting up a photo of blech.  I will save blech.

Next I knit in just a bulky yarn.  This is the yarn that I am using for The Sweater.  Lamb’s Pride Bulky.  I actually liked the blech hat a lot more until I knit it with this wool/mohair blend.   And I really like this rich color too.  So this was immediately my favorite.

And of course I got my little assistant Davey to pose as well.

So here’s the blech hat.  I think I even posed in it with a slightly “this is blech” expression.  I have to say though, it is very comfortable and warm.  It’s color is not as rich so I think that causes it to “pale” in comparison to the above hat.

It’s really oversized on my little assistant Davey.

So finally I knitted one that should fit a 1-2 year old.  I really liked this one too, particularly because I used Debbie Bliss cashmerino.  It’s really nice to knit with and knits up so pretty.  I did put it on Davey’s head, but it’s a beanie on him.  I like this photo.  Pretty light.

So I guess that’s a lot of detail and discussion about basically 2 rounds in a hat.  I am going to write this pattern up and put it on my blog.  It’s a nice simple chance to learn how to do lateral braid as well.

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