Introducing Winkie Rockstar the Midnight Bear

Yesterday we took Davey to Build-a-Bear.

First we had to choose the bear.  This was not an easy decision.

We came really close to adopting Rambo the Camouflage Bear.  Here David is pointing to another bear, but Davey had  his eye on Camo Bear.

But then Davey saw Midnight Bear, and he loved him immediately.

Davey assisted in the stuffing of Winkie.

Then it was time to choose Winkie’s outfit.  Davey insisted that Winkie Rockstar needed underpants.

We took Winkie to the “dressing room” and contemplated several outfits.

We finally realized that Winkie was a rockstar, and that there was no denying him.

Davey and Winkie hugged:

Then Davey wanted to take him to the salon fluffing area for abit.

After Davey got him all fluffed up, it was time to leave. We tucked Winkie away into his little house for a nap.

Then we completed the necessary paperwork.  Davey had immediately wanted to name him Winkie.  Davey has a zhu zhu pet named Winkie.  He recently got a horse stuffed animal.  Named him Winkie as well.  He decided though that this Winkie would be Winkie Rockstar.

Winkie Rockstar is doing great in his new home.  He slept with Davey last night.  He needs some pajamas, but I think he slept well anyway.


5 thoughts on “Introducing Winkie Rockstar the Midnight Bear

  1. I have spent countless hours in Build-a-Bear. Countless. Seriously. With a Brownie troop. I still have nightmares, but I also have my own cow with sunglasses, so I guess it wasn’t all bad. Looks like Davey has a new friend for life!

  2. I can’t wait until Rose is old enough to choose her own bear. Her big brothers made their own bears a few years back and though they’re too old for them now, I’m keeping their clothes so that the new bear had a ready-made wardrobe to choose from. Except that her bear will probably not want to be a footballer or in the army or any of the other things their bears have been!

  3. That’s a fine-looking bear! I confess that I have a Build-a-Bear too… Her name is Princess and she has a red jumper with a white straw hat. When my oldest daughter was 4, I planned my own special day for my birthday, including our first trip to the bear store.

  4. I remember those days at BAB. It lasted up to maybe Ashley was 11! That is just 2 years ago now. Maybe boys will not want to go as long. We have about 10. LOL. Those were fun times tho. I’m glad you left me a message because my url for your Blog has not been working. Love catching up 🙂

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