Cashmere and Costco

Cashmere!  I received it in the mail yesterday (from Knit Unto Others), so today I started my second pair of “Treads” fingerless gloves.  These are the gloves where I became fascinated with the lateral braid stitch, and where I also had the pleasure of first knitting with cashmere.

A good friend from Clarksville has requested a pair of these, and I was more than happy to knit them up again.  When I am done, they should look just like these:

And then Costco.  Davey and I joined Costco last weekend.  (I say Davey and I because we had our picture taken together for the Costco card, which I thought was too cute – although the quality of the pictures is such that you can barely recognize the humans on the card.  But still.)

We like to go to Costco.  I’d never been a big Costco or Sam’s shopper, but it’s just a couple miles from us now, and so it’s fun for us to go.  Stuff is cheaper too; it’s just the sheer quantity that we have to buy.  Half the fun is making David laugh when I come home with 90 rolls of toilet paper, a four pound bag of chocolate chips, and enough dishwasher soap to last us until 2012.  And it’s even better trying to find someplace to put that stuff in our little home.

Davey and I have fun though.  I am sure it’s almost cliche Costco humor.  I pretend to put a 25 sack of flour in the buggy.  We laugh over the giant jars of pickles.  I fall victim to the “samples” and now have a 4 pound container of Costco granola.  “We make it right here in the store!”

Next time we need to take David with us.  There’s no telling with what we might leave!  Too bad Costco doesn’t carry yarn.



4 thoughts on “Cashmere and Costco

  1. There’s no telling with what we might leave? That may be correct, but it is just weird sounding.

    Don’t let her fool you. The granola will probably be here a LONG time.

  2. Don’t kid about that 25# bag of Costco flour. I’ve bought more than I can remember. That’s what happens when you bake for a marching band. And Marushka–wouldn’t that just be the best thing in the whole wide world?

  3. Hi! I just came across the pattern for the Treads Fingerless gloves, and I just loved it. I am making them for my daughter. I can not get the latin ridge stitch to look like the ‘trellis’ pattern you have achieved. I have tried twice. Do you have any suggestions for me? I am using Berroco Vintage yarn.

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