The Sweater. Left Front. Not Done

I thought I finished the left front of The Sweater last night.  I did the bind-off.  I asked David to stand up and help me position the back and the left front on him.  It was looking pretty good.  So I’d decided that I was going to knit the sleeve next to fit that side – just to see how it is all going to come together.

Then this morning, I noticed a problem.  The armhole decrease is on the same side as the slight v-neck decrease.  Obviously there will be a problem if the armpit is on the same side as the v-neck.  UGH.  How dumb is that?  I thought that I would be doing those neck decreases on the right side.  NO.  They should have been on the wrong side.  So doing it right, I did it wrong!

This will teach me to pay more attention to my knitting and less to Gold Rush: Alaska!

Time to go rip it back aways.

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