The Mystery of The Sweater

I am working on the left front of The Sweater still.  It’s requiring more ciphering and research.  It’s such a mish mash of patterns now.  At this point, I am just looking to different patterns for guidance and then trying to figure out how best to do it on my sweater.

Like the neck on the front.   I looked at ravelry patterns today.  I ciphered.  I used fractions.  It has become all very mathematical which actually I find pretty fun.  It’s like “The Mystery of The Sweater.”  I don’t know how it is all going to turn out, but I sure am going to know a heck of a lot more about the construction of a sweater when I am done.

A smarter person might have read about sweater construction prior to beginning.  I know there are books that give you percentages and helpful guidelines to building a sweater pattern.  But I ain’t that bright.  I like the mysterious route.

I hope to finish the left front tonight.

And now in the world of Davey.  More mysteries.  Lucy, his imaginary dog, became a cat today.  “Mommy, I put fur on her.  Black and white.  I put her in my room so that you won’t sneeze.”  (I am pretty allergic to cats – even imaginary ones apparently.)  He’s very thoughtful.  By bedtime tonight, Lucy had transformed back into a dog.  Lucy also has a new friend named Fred.  Fred was at the store though.  Not sure what he was up to there.  But we are happy to have Fred join our family.   I think Koko and Timber are relieved that Lucy is a dog again.  They do not like cats at all.

2 thoughts on “The Mystery of The Sweater

  1. For me, reading about the construction first would have left me too overwhelmed to attempt the sweater. I like your approach! Davey’s sweet to manage his imaginary animals so well.

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