Saturday Adventures

Davey is showing me his “karate moves”.  He is going to start a karate class probably this fall at The Little Gym. (He needs to be closer to 4 years old before he starts.)  He’s very excited, but he has explained to me that, “Mommy, I already know quite abit about karate.  Daddy has been teaching me.”

We were also watching Mickey Mouse this morning.  There were a bunch of cows stranded on a small island in the middle of  lake.  I asked Davey how he thought they got out there.  “Well Mommy.  Cows can jump very far you know.” (This knowledge comes from the cow who jumped over the moon.)

We actually don’t have any big adventure planned for today.  The temperature is supposed to start falling this afternoon, and we have a pretty good chance for snow, so I think we are going to stay close to home.

We do have one small adventure planned.  We are headed to Costco with David.  Davey wants to show him the big playhouse/play equipment set and a kid’s car, and any other toys that might be there.  He loves checking them out.  He’s not that interested in buying them yet.   Although he did tell me that we were going to need a lot of “cash”!  David just wants to eat lunch there.

I’m watching the clouds move in.

I’m doing some knitting as well. I finished a cashmere fingerless glove last night.  (project for my friend in Tennessee.) One to go.

I’ve been knitting a little on my self-striping sock.  It’s been so much fun.

Ok.  Now back to The Sweater.  I finished weaving ends, and I steam blocked the front and sleeve yesterday.  I have a zipper.  Hopefully, I will make a lot of progress today.  David says he wants to wear it tomorrow.  That is not likely to happen as I still have no idea how I am going to knit the collar.

Happy Saturday!

4 thoughts on “Saturday Adventures

  1. Happy Saturday, backatcha, you amazing lady. All your projects are beautiful. I’d love the pattern for that cashmere fingerless glove. Is it anything you could share? (I have some cashmere in a plastic bag that I’ve been hoarding. haha)

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