Mountain Homes and a flip top

David, Davey and I made a trek out to Morrison this morning to check out a couple of houses.  We found them on (mountain homes.)  That should have been our first clue.

We drove out into the forest.  We began climbing and switchbacking.  There were houses scattered all along the way.  We continued to climb.  We had begun to decide it was time to turn around when we finally found the house on a snow covered road way up the mountain.  David said, “I see aspens”. (We were getting high.)

The problem was that the driveway shot straight down the hill.  Had we gone down that driveway, we would have had to move in with the owners for a week or two and hope it didn’t snow anymore.  We decided that house was not for us.  The next house was on UP the mountain.  We started to move forward again.  But we couldn’t.  We began spinning.  So we went in reverse a couple of hundred yards back down the mountain until we could get good traction and turn around.

We got out of there.  Those are summer homes or homes that you don’t want to ever leave in the winter.   Lesson learned.

We have shifted gears once again and are thinking of suburbs abit north of here. (Broomfield, Lafayette and Lousville.)  It was fun though.  Davey kept asking if we were lost.  “I don’t think we should have come up here Mama.”  Davey was correct.

Then on the knitting side of things.  I have one fingerless glove completed.  It has short fingers, and it was pretty fun to make.  The fingers are a little fiddly, but it went so much nicer than my first attempt over a year ago.  (I made gloves that aren’t too great looking around the finger bottoms.)

But now I have to knit a flip top thing that turns the gloves into mittens.  Oh my gosh.  I have a problem with visualizing things when I have to rotate and flip and think how it will go.

I finally pulled out a sock.  I needed the foot to  act as a faux top.

Kinda like this:

This way I could fold the sock back to see just how it needs to attach.  I am still a little confused.  It’s a great puzzle for my rotationally challenged brain.

I will continue to work on it.


4 thoughts on “Mountain Homes and a flip top

  1. We have a friend that lives “way up the mountain”. I have enough trouble getting up there in good weather. I can’t imagine dealing with it in snowy, icy weather. YIKES!

    Hope you find the right place for you. We’re just beginning our search for a “downsized” home.


  2. They used to give us these spatial relations tests in grade school. I swear, if they turned a square on it’s side, I couldn’t pick it out. Great use of socks as a prompt! And no, I wouldn’t recommend moving up into the mountains either. I know people who live up in the middle of nowhere and they have to be prepared to be stuck up there for uncertain amounts of time, sometimes with no electricity. No thanks! I guess I’m a city slicker.

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