happy valentine’s day

I’ve never been that big of a Valentine’s Day person, but it is definitely fun with Davey.  In the last couple of days, he has come up to me several times to say “Happy Valentine’s Day Mommy”.  I do like that.

All I wanted for Valentine’s Day was a strawberry cake.  (or an excuse to make one I guess!)  I confess I used a mix for the cake, but the icing is homemade and so good.  (too good.)

Davey helped me mix it up.

I cut Davey a piece after it was finished.  “Mommy, the icin’ is delicious.”  (At least that was the part made with actual strawberries (even organic)!  He ate some of the icing and was pretty much done with it.

Davey and David made me a Valentine’s Day card.  I loved it.  I don’t have much craft stuff here in the apartment, so they really had to improvise.  They did great.

(He got a little cross-eyed in that photo trying to focus on something!)

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