Davey’s House. Please Knock

Quiet Saturday.  We just relaxed.

Davey played in his little house.

It’s his very own little house.

But then, he let Daddy in.  They were camping.  I played the role of the knitting “sun” who had to wake them up when it was morning. (I was making some progress on my cotton bag.)

Then I sang a “sunny” song (the song varied as we did this several times), and it was time for Davey to get up!

The new day began with breakfast, on which Davey and Daddy feasted on Pretend S’mores.

Happy weekend!


3 thoughts on “Davey’s House. Please Knock

  1. One of my favorite games used to be “Mommy’s naptime” and the girls had to tuck me in and read me stories. Sometimes it was the only restful part of the day 🙂

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