Sea Animal Sunday

Another nice day.  Kind of chilly outside, and we may get snow in the next couple of days!  I don’t know if this former Okie has ever seen snow in March before.

The highlight of the day has been capsule sea animals (compliments of his Aunt Karen and family). I’d never seen capsule sea animals  before in my life.  Such a cool thing.

You drop these little capsules into warm water.  As they dissolve, sea creatures emerge. (If you’ve never seen them before, they are tiny sponges shaped like sea creatures encased in this dissolving capsule.  Pure genius!)

Then he had to carefully identify each animal by checking the pictures.

Then he gave them all a bath.

(The Mars bar was for David!)

How does he sit like this for seriously extended periods of time?  It amazes me.

Truly small pleasures today!

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