Butterflies! Butterflies!

Yesterday we met Uncle Rob at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster (Aunt Angie was not feeling well, but we saw her later in the day).  We’d been hearing about the Butterfly Pavilion since we’d moved here, but we had not yet visited.

What a fun place!

There were all kinds of interesting displays.

Davey and I got to pet a starfish.

But of course the highlight was the butterflies.

We went into this rainforest like area.  (If we get homesick for an Arkansas summer, we know where to go.  It was not too hot, but it was very humid in there!)

There were butterflies everywhere.

There’s a blurry Uncle Rob in the background of this photo.

We couldn’t really do the butterflies justice in our photographs.  It’s hard to photographically capture the experience of these butterflies all around us.

I think Davey was entranced by a turtle here.  Or maybe fish.

There was a great learning center inside.  We walked through a little maze that sent us into a bit of a corn maze flashback.  There were fun activities along the way though.  Davey and I enjoyed tossing beanbags.

And who can resist having their photo taken in a pose which involves a chrysalis.  (Davey could.  He was not interested in this photo opportunity.)

Afterwards we wanted some photos in front of the giant praying mantis guy.  In this picture, Davey has just accidentally pinched David’s leg.  He likes to grab your leg, and in his defense, I think he is more used to grabbing mine which has more squish than David’s.

Here was another try, although I wish I would have gone in for a better close-up.  I was trying to include Mr. Praying Mantis in all his green glory.

2 thoughts on “Butterflies! Butterflies!

  1. I love butterflies! But you are right about how hard they are to photograph, even when they’re all enclosed in a pavilion like that.

    David looks a little skeptical about his chrysalis, doesn’t he?

  2. You are so fortunate that there are so many cultural activities near you guys! Davey will grow up very well-rounded and full of knowledge!
    There’s a “butterfly palace” in Branson and every time I go through, I swear I’m going to turn on the road and go those 11 miles to see the butterflies. Maybe this year I actually will!

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