Daddy to the Rescue!

Yesterday, Davey and I decided to sit out on the balcony for awhile.  We were watching for the auto glass repair person.  He came to install a new front windshield on our car.  So we were keeping an eye out for him.

I was reading my book and Davey was playing.  Unfortunately, I failed to note that he was playing with the sliding glass door.  I looked up to see it being shut very firmly.

I looked at Davey.   I tried to open the door.  Locked.

“Mommy!  Lucy locked us out!  It was Lucy.”  He was very insistent that his imaginary friend Lucy was the culprit.

I asked Davey to keep an eye out for the maintenance guys who zoom around in their golf carts.  We see them all the time.  Except for yesterday, when we saw exactly zero.  Davey kept yelling, “Mr. Maintenance Worker!”

Luckily it was a beautiful afternoon, and so Davey, me  – oh yes and Koko, just made the best of it.  I read a little more.  He played, and Koko was a little confused.  She likes free rein and does not like being hindered in any way.  So she was pacing and staring at the door. (Timber was staring at us from inside.  It was all very confusing for them.)

About 45 minutes later,  Daddy got home.  As soon as Davey saw David approaching in his Jeep, Davey started yelling, “Daddy!  Come rescue us!  Daddy, come Save us!”

And Daddy rescued us.

So that was a little exciting.

Davey and I’d gone for a walk earlier in the day.  We’d walked to a pie shop and had ice cream.  On the way back, Davey found a “sunflower” and presented it to me. (Try not to be too distracted by the shirt covered in icing and ice cream. Davey expects his clothes to work hard for him, and they do!)

2 thoughts on “Daddy to the Rescue!

  1. My girls did not have imaginary friends, but I apparently had three of them. My mother still remembers having to set places at the table for them and hold the car door open for them. Once she “squashed” one in the car door and I cried all the way thru the grocery store, though she may be exaggerating 🙂

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