The Packing Begins

We have begun packing again.  It’s kind of hard to believe that I am once again filling up boxes.  However, we are very very glad to be moving into our new house.  We will be moving in less than 2 weeks.

Davey is very excited about the whole process.  “Let’s pack Mommy!”

He started bringing his toys into the living room one at a time.  “Here Mommy.  Pack this one!”

Then he enjoyed handing me dishes to wrap.

He carefully labeled the boxes.

We packed quite abit in the morning, and then  Davey and I went to the little beaver lake.  We hoped we might see a beaver.  We didn’t.  Of course we threw rocks into the little lake as usual, so that probably didn’t help our sighting odds.

It was really windy, so Davey and I found a small slope which protected us somewhat.  Davey had his juice box and we shared a snack.

I love the winter colors although I guess they should soon be turning into spring colors.

When we got up, I noticed that our shoes had lots of rocks and sand in them.  This might have been partially due to Davey’s game.  He found a stick with some leaves and called it an umbrella.  Next thing I know he is cascading sand down on us.  This was rain.  Davey had lots of rain in his hair. (Apparently, the “umbrella” he was holding over our heads did not provide adequate protection.)

We decided to walk a little further up the trail.  We looked at logs.  We looked at some poop and tried to decide if it was coyote poop or not.  Several people on horses also came by, and Davey liked seeing them.

We’ll miss this beaver lake and surrounding open space, but we’ll find new places to explore, and we can always come back for an afternoon excursion.


6 thoughts on “The Packing Begins

  1. It will be nice to be finished moving and in your house. Davey is a good helper! I’m glad he is excited about packing boxes and hope he has as much fun when it comes time to unpack them.

  2. I have the most luck seeing the beavers very late in the afternoon in the little pond, although I have seen them marching toward the big pond on the road from the bridge, very early in the morning.

    Let me know if you need ANY help with moving. Will miss you in the neighborhood!

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