Random Daveyness

I took several pictures of Davey yesterday and today.  We went to the Denver Botanical Gardens yesterday and then this evening, we just went for a little “follow the leader” stroll over to the playground.

Davey is curious.

He enjoys smelling flowers.

He loves looking at maps.

He’s a little bashful right now.  Note how he is hugging the edge as this little girl runs by him.

He likes to build things.

He likes to closely examine “fossils”.

He likes to crawl through things.  Ok that’s kind of a stretch.  I confess – I just really like this photo.

He has taken a great interest in letters and numbers.  He can identify most numbers under 10 now, and he loves to pretend to read.  He’s very interested in the sounds letters make.

He loves to pretend.

He sits in the gravel and sprinkles it in his hair.   I don’t know why.  It’s all part of whatever imagining thing is going on at the moment.  “Mommy, I don’t want to tell you!”, he often says.  Or, “Mommy!  I am busy pretending!”

He’s animated.

And so busy!


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