Unpacking? Nah!

Today we made a little progress on “Project Move into House”.  We went to buy a washer and dryer, oh and a floor lamp.  And then we decided to call it a day.

My parents are here, so we figured the unpacking could wait abit, and we decided to go check out Boulder.

Boulder is cool.  We picked up lunch first at “Mustard’s Last Stand”.   Perfect name for a hot dog place!

We didn’t know it, but there’s a farmer’s market every Saturday.  It was fun to stroll through it.  Biggest farmer’s market I’ve ever seen.  The farmer’s market was near a large park.  There were people and their dogs everywhere.  Pretty fun to walk around.

Davey played on a slide, ran around, explored and became king of the large rock.

It was warm today.  Apparently 85 degrees from what we heard on the news.  (and to think tomorrow it is supposed to snow again!)

Anyway, we were enjoying the river.

I decided to walk Davey down to the edge so he could throw rocks.  As we made our way down the little embankment, I saw this:

I know.  I got a little carried away with the arrows, but it seems that everywhere I go, I meet a snake.  It’s starting to help me work through my snake phobia, I suppose, but I’d just rather not see them.  First, I raked them up several times in our backyard in Arkadelphia.  Then I thought – “ahhhh, moving to Colorado.  That’s the end of that!”

Nope.  Lots of rattlers around.  I almost stepped on one not too long after we moved here.  Then today?  Yeah, I think it’s a harmless water snake, but ugh ugh ugh.


So I asked David to take over.

Such a pretty day despite the snake encounter!  We visited the library, a cool Boulder yarn shop, and then came back home, where I did unpack a few things.  Knitting related things mostly!


6 thoughts on “Unpacking? Nah!

  1. I’m with you about snakes–yuck! But DD loves them.

    Yesterday was glorious but almost like a tease–that’s springtime in Colorado. Looks like Davey had a great time. What yarn shop did you go to?

  2. I was happily scrolling through your pics, thinking how lovely-a nice farmer’s market, and then OMG–snake! I cannot, absolutely, cannot tolerate snakes! They freak me out in a bad, bad way and that was a HUGE snake! I thought yesterday, when we were playing in our woods, and I saw saw two teeny, tiny snakes that was bad, but I would have passed out if I’d seen your snake. Seriously. Passed. Out. Cold.
    Um, love Boulder….
    😉 Lisa
    PS-Davey looks so cute and teeny on that boulder!

  3. I imagine it is better to see the snakes then you know where to avoid them! It was a good day to take off from unpacking.

  4. i just read that boulder is one of the happiest places in the u.s.a. i also read that 1 in 3 households have dog 🙂

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