Ramblin’ Wednesday

Just a little rambling today I think.

We’ve not had a chance to unpack much this week.  The kitchen and Davey’s room are pretty much done,  and we’ve located almost all of our clothes, so we can make it for awhile.  Hopefully I can get back to it tomorrow.

Everything is starting to get green.  One thing fun about moving into a new house which is not actually new is that there are all kinds of springtime surprises.  Little bulbs are coming up all around the yard.  Daffodils, tulips, and Oh!

Ok, I just ran outside to take a picture.  It’s kind of chilly outside.  And not really raining.  It’s more like dripping.  Anyway, this plant started emerging out of the ground the other day.  At first it looked very mutant weirdish.  Today when I took the picture, I saw that it might actually be not so mutant as there is a leaf forming.  Can anyone tell me what this is? (or is going to be?)

I am very curious to see what emerges.

Today David and Davey went to pick up a couple of lights we’d left at the apartment, and they did a little cleaning.  Davey said, “Daddy!  We forgot the balcony.”  He then went on to explain to David that yes, it could indeed be taken apart and re-assembled at our house.

I worked on my lace shawlette last night.  I am still a little inept.  I thought I was short a stitch, so I tinked out the row.  (yuck.  Although at least I am a little better at unknitting now at least for this pattern.)  Turns out though, that I was not short a stitch.  A yarnover had gotten caught on a stitch marker and was showing up on the wrong side of the marker.  So then I’d already re-knit the row thinking that an adjustment was needed at the beginning of the row.  Turns out that that adjustment was not needed at all.  So back I went to take that adjustment out.  What a pain.   After that I proceeded slowly and cautiously and all went well.

Ok back to supper preparation.  I’m making beef and barley soup.  Should be nice for a rainy evening!

4 thoughts on “Ramblin’ Wednesday

  1. I’m thinking your plant may be a hosta or a caladium, but not sure.

    Beef barley soup is perfect for a chilly, wet evening. Enjoy!

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