Thursday and a little tired

Thursday evening.  I’m a little tired.   I need to write my final for my English classes.  I also need to grade papers.   I actually enjoy it once I get going; I am just feeling tired.  So I feel like stalling a little.  I also really enjoy my blogging time so here I go.

We unpacked quite abit today.  Lots of books.  We had to drive down to Lakewood and back twice.  It’s just about 17 miles but the traffic will wear a person out.

Ok this post is getting wearisomely whiny.

I got going on sock number two of the Make up Sock last night.  It’s still slow going but not quite as slow as sock number one.

I think I have most of my yarn unpacked.  Need to organize it now.

Today Davey said, “Mommy, can we go to Africa?”

I asked, “why do you want to go to Africa?”

Davey answered,  “I want to see elephants, lions and peacocks.”

He mentioned it again later in the day and added, “Mommy, bats live in Africa.”

Then he proceeded to question me for about 15 minutes on the topic of snakes.   More specifically, he questioned me about my fear of snakes.

“Mommy, why are you so scared of snakes?”  (I really try not to make a big deal about my irrational fear of snakes, but I guess I don’t hide it so well.)

“Mommy.  you don’t need to be afraid of snakes.”

I reassured him that I knew there was nothing to be scared of and that we just needed to be careful around them.

“Mommy, you need to hold a snake.”

At that point, it was all I could do to keep from shivering right out of the driver’s seat.

I guess he noticed.  “Mommy.  There is nothing to be scared of.”

I tried to explain the idea of “irrational” fear, but he was having none of it.

Here he is preparing for his safari.  I guess we will have to head to Asia too to see the tigers.

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