Random Queasy Friday

Today has been an interesting day.

First of all, I find myself returning to Jared Flood’s website to look at this shawl.  I’ve been back several times today.  I am going to make it.  I don’t know how, but I am thinking my encouraging friend Susan is going to be integral part of this.  The shawl has garter stitch.  Yay.  It also has “intricate Shetland lace motifs”.  That frightens me, but I am going to give it a whirl.  It seems that many have fallen in love with the shawl as the yarn is sold out.  And part of the attraction is the beautiful color, so I really want that yarn.  It would be best for me if it stayed sold out for a little while so that I could finish my first real attempt at a lace shawl.

I worked on my shawl for a little while last night.  I started a row kind of late.  I had a bad feeling as I began, and I kept warning myself that I really should not be doing this, but for some reason I continued.  And I messed up the row, and fixing it was going to be tough.  After some unknitting and muttering, I was able to get the shawl back on track. However, I was left with a couple of small lace holes (of the type that should be there) which are a little askew.   I am going to live with this.  That’s been one of my problems with lace.  I invariably messed up and then tried to rip it back then it really got all messed up and then bam it was all over.  So I am going to go forward having salvaged this I believe, in the hopes that I will go forth and it will all be perfect. (mostly. maybe not.)

I got a chance to knit on some fingerless gloves today quite abit.  Davey and I spent quite abit of time just lounging around.  Which as busy as we have been was probably not a bad thing at all. The three of us have some kind of what I thought was a minor stomach bug.  David is feeling better already.  Davey and I were kinda puny all day today.  No real stomach issues, we just felt kinda blech.  So this afternoon, Davey seemed to have perked up.  I decided to make a quick trip to the grocery store as we are getting pretty low around here.

So off we went.

I guess my first mistake was putting him in the car cart.  The one with the video player inside.  I noticed that after a few minutes he was kind of sprawled out on the seat.  Then the next thing I know, he is climbing out of the car cart looking rather green.  And then he threw up.  It was a small amount though and I was able to clean us up.

So now I have a cart almost completely full of groceries.  A big honking car cart.  Davey feels lousy and I am carrying him –  so I am toting a limp 37 pound Davey and trying to push a car cart – which also has a lousy wheel which wants to go whatever way it wants to go.

I decide to grab a couple more things on my way to the front of the store.   So we are also in the back of what is the biggest grocery store I have ever been in in my entire life.  It is an enormous King Soopers.  Huge.  So I start working my way to the front pausing to shift Davey from side to side.  I am trying to hurry – thinking kinda that well – he’s thrown up once, usually that makes a person feel ok at least for a little bit.  Long enough hopefully for me to get him back home.

We make it to the front of the store.  We are in front of the floral section.  All of a sudden Davey throws up again.  If you are squeamish about “spitting food” as Davey calls it, then I apologize.  But this was projectile majorly liquid.  He soaked me.  A minute passed as I was kind of in shock. (It was one of those time slowed down moments.) He did it again.  Big time.  Now I am scurrying.  To where I don’t know.  Now a third time.  At this point, we are both seriously soaking wet.  My shirt is soaked, half of my hair is wet.  Davey is wet from head to toe.  He is pointing at his wet shoes.  This upset him:  “Mommy!  My shoes!”

I looked around for help.  I really think the floral ladies were trying to avoid my eyes.  I can’t blame them at all.  We were standing in a large puddle of liquid.  I said, “can you help?”  Quickly they brought us a bag in case he had to “Spit food” again – I don’t know where anymore quantity could have come from.  Then they brought us some paper towels.  We were beyond paper towels.

I apologized profusely.  They were very kind and understanding.  I had to leave the full buggy behind.  They were nice about that as well.  I am sure they just wanted us out of there.  I said, “you guys are probably not going to want to eat for a week after this.”

So I got us out of there.  Poor sweet miserable boy. We took our soaking wet selves home and got cleaned up.  Davey has not thrown up again.  He’s not had much in the way of food and just a little drink, but we are hoping he’s past it.

I tell stories that I want to remember in my blog;  however,  I am pretty sure this day has been indelibly etched into my memory bank.

4 thoughts on “Random Queasy Friday

  1. Are you all feeling better? It probably doesn’t help, but I’m pretty sure that the major vomiting in the grocery store is a pediatric milestone like tying shoes… Few of us escape it. I hope you are both feeling recivered by now.

    And OMG, I love, love, love that shawl.

  2. Okay, I admit it–I laughed while reading this post–I mean, I feel super bad for sweet Davey (really, I do!) and you, but honestly, this will be a story you will tell for the rest of his life…. However, I think the most shocking thing for me is this: a cart with a video player? What the heck? Obviously, I live in the country! Kinda cool–kinda scary!
    🙂 Lisa
    P.S. Good luck with the lace–you’re a braver woman than I!

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