Coffee Table Art

So my parents are moving to northern Maine in a few weeks.  They’ve lived in Oklahoma almost my entire life so that would be over 43 years.  They are moving to a house right on the coast.  It is beautiful there.

Anyway, they are getting rid of some things as they are moving into a smaller house.  One of the things they are not taking is a worn-out coffee table they have had since I was a baby.  I wish I had a picture of it.  I probably have a picture from my pre-digital days.  Those poor photo albums are buried somewhere still.

The table was cherry and was an oval shape so that there were no sharp edges.   I am the oldest child and I used that table to help me learn to walk.  My sister and brother came 3 years and 6 years later, and they also practiced their first steps by walking around that table.

My dad is a woodturner and he came up with the idea that he would take the legs off the coffee table and make us each a vase.

Here it is:

Here it is with the top removed.

And then I was just having fun taking pictures of it.

It’s quite a treasure for us.

6 thoughts on “Coffee Table Art

  1. Oh, that is such a cool way to have a remembrance! I love that idea–very clever Dad!
    As for the move to Maine–how awesome that you guys now have a summer vacation home?! I mean, how awesome that your parents are moving to Maine! That’s one of the few states left on my list that I have told Better Half I really, really want to visit. I’m so jealous–is that their retirement dream? If so, good for them!

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