House of Colds

We spent a lazy day at home today.  I worked on my lace.  I finished another pair of “Jiffy Mitts”  (I need to take some pictures.)  We watched the Masters.

I am just now where I am able to watch golf without having nausea flashbacks.  The year I was pregnant with Davey, I stayed pretty green and so I laid on the couch and watched a lot of golf.  Sometimes I watched all 4 days of the tournaments.  It was a glorious green time (Outside and Inside!)   It’s just this spring that I think I am over it!

So anyway.  David and Davey were miserable today.  I don’t know how Davey stayed so almost completely good-natured today.  His eyes and nose just ran all day long.  It was pitiful.

He ate well and was pretty energetic for much of the day.  He’s looking a little more pretty bright-eyed here.

Let’s see.  I made some muffins this morning.  I mention it because it is my favorite muffin recipe ever.  They are called “To Die For Blueberry Muffins”.   They are delicious.  They have a crumb type topping.  I didn’t think it would be possible to have too much buttery/sugary/cinnamony topping, but I found it to be possible.  So now I just make 1/2 of the crumb topping part of the recipe, and I find that to be plenty.  I typically use frozen blueberries as well.

Ok, so I think it is time to go knit abit.  I really ought to work on that second crazy sock.

4 thoughts on “House of Colds

  1. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

    Thanks so much for the link to the blueberry muffins. I have some blueberries I really need to use up. These will be PERFECT!

  2. Blueberry muffins are my favorite. Thanks for a great link. I hope you guys are all feeling better very soon. That’s so funny about golf. I had no idea you watched it. DD thinks it’s like watching paint dry. DH and I love to watch.

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