Muggy Friday (haven’t gotten to say muggy in awhile!)

It’s Friday in Mannford.  It’s really windy and muggy today!  We haven’t felt muggy in awhile, and I kinda like it.  The back of my neck is starting to sweat though, and I think David has already had a shirt change after taking Davey to the park.  We may experience some Oklahoma storms tonight.

They walked to the little park in the neighborhood this morning.  There’s a merry go round.  I don’t know if Davey had been on a merry go round before.

They both got a little dizzy.

There are also see-saws!   Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone around to provide more of an equal weight offset to the 37 pound child.

So it’s a nice day.  We just got back from Walmart.  Davey has a new train and he’s now building it with David.

I’m typing this on David’s mac.  I feel like an imposter on a mac.  I can get around, but it doesn’t feel very comfortable.

Think I will go knit for awhile.  I’m turning the heel on I-70 Sock number one.  I’m still mesmerized by the self-stripingness of self-striping yarn.

2 thoughts on “Muggy Friday (haven’t gotten to say muggy in awhile!)

  1. The bottom pic looks like Davey is building something with large steel beams. I hope you’re all enjoying your visit.

    I personally am over spring storms. They are scarier than usual this year.

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