May 1st? & Frisbee Golf

It’s May 1st.  I am not sure how that happened.  David and I start our summer semesters tomorrow!  It’s been a nice break.

Yesterday Davey and I decided to begin to learn about the world of frisbee (Disk) golf.  I’ve heard several people talk about it and apparently there are lots of courses around here.  Davey and I thought it sounded like great fun. (I’m lucky.  Davey pretty much thinks everything sounds like great fun.)

We went to a sporting goods store and bought a starter set of 3 disks.  Putter, mid-range and Driver.  (David claims he can’t tell the difference, but I can definitely tell the putter feels different.  I can throw it straight.  It just wants to go straight.)

Davey and I were excited to go try out our new frisbees.

We went out and I showed him how to throw it.  However, I am not exactly the most experienced or capable frisbee thrower – not the best frisbee throwing teacher.

Davey kinda preferred running and chasing the frisbee over throwing it.

Then we got David out there to play with us.

He’s not too excited about the possibilities of frisbee golf yet.  Davey and I are still working on recruiting him onto Frisbee Team Bieloh.  (But isn’t the sky pretty and look at Davey ready to run.)

And check out his form!  He has to admit that he has such potential.

Talk about potential!

But mostly he still prefers running.

Davey and I were ready to go play this morning.  However, it’s pretty chilly today so we may wait.  We have a slight chance of snow this afternoon.  Snow! Again – May 1st?  Really?

3 thoughts on “May 1st? & Frisbee Golf

  1. Looks like great fun and good exercise! Funny how similar the spring seems over there as here in Finland. It snowed a little here yesterday even though it wasn’t that cold (+10 degrees Celsius) and the sun was shining.

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