happy family father’s day

A fun father’s day weekend.

We took David to Benihana’s last night.  It’s just about David’s favorite place to eat, and Davey had never been.  I can’t remember the last time that David and I went.  A long time ago.  It was a lot of fun.  Davey got a big kick out of the chef.

Davey and I made David a cake.

This morning, Davey had a gift for David.

It was a superhero.  Hawkman.

Davey and I went to the comic book shop to pick it out the other day.  Davey did great not telling Daddy about it.  He was so excited.

We hung out this morning.

David started teaching Davey how to play checkers.

David arranged for Davey to win quite handily which he enjoyed.  But Davey said that “checkers are kinda boring Daddy”.

We took David to the Carolyn Holmberg Preserve, where Davey and I had had our chilly picnic a few weeks ago.   It was a little chilly again!  It clouded up and the wind was blowing so our picnic was a little cool.  But then we went walking on a great trail out there.  Davey started running, and he warmed right up.

We’d barely started and David already had rocks in his shoes.  So he stopped to empty out his shoe.   Davey has gone into a big of a ornery phase, so he kept trying to add more rocks to David’s shoe as he was trying to remove them.

And then he started running.

And then he ran back to me.

And then he let me give him a good hug.

He ran with David.

but he finally started to get tired.

and we headed home.



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