evening walk

In the evening, we like to go for a short stroll before Davey’s bedtime.  It’s a nice way for him to calm down and unwind.

You know – like this:

and this:

David and I had a different idea of what the proper attire should be to be out this evening.  Davey and I had on pants and long-sleeved t-shirts.  David went with another look.  “It’s summer!” he said.  He did get a little chilly towards the end of our walk.

Half of our walk is down our sidewalk along our street and the other half is on a paved trail on the edge of the open space behind our neighborhood.  We call it a nature walk, although I don’t know much about the plant life.

Except for dandelions.  We have gigantic dandelions.  Davey loves to pick them.

And he picks us little flowers.

Here’s a blurry picture of Davey giving me a flower.  Why is it blurry?  There was a big fingerprint or smear on my lens.  Lovely.

At this point, Davey was chasing down Galactus or some guy like that.

On the move.

He briefly lost a shoe.

And finally, he walked with David.

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