Winkie the Wig Head

Today I bought a wig head.  I am going to use it to block some of the hats that I knit.

Davey was very interested in the wig head, and he wanted to play with it.  I thought why not.  I’m all about encouraging creativity.  Turns out, I’ve been given the opportunity to blog about a wig head.  I never would have imagined that I’d blog about a wig head.  I never really would have anticipated even owning one.

Davey immediately named the wig head Winkie and began to surround her with all sorts of objects.  (It would become an installation piece of sorts.)

There’s just something abit odd about this sight.

But Davey was so engaged and was having so much fun.  He talked to Winkie.  I think that actually, he was getting things gathered so that they could go on a trip.  There was mention of Nanny and Texarkana.

And here he added his finishing touches – a red ribbon for Winkie’s neck.

Here’s the happy kid.

6 thoughts on “Winkie the Wig Head

  1. I think it just shows the creativity level of your family that he used Winkie as an installation piece rather than as simply a “head” to be dressed up. (Though isn’t it tempting to get out the markers and color in all that lovely white surface?)

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