Davey and I went to the waterpark today.  It was jam packed, but we found a nice grassy shady area for our picnic.  I’m still not convinced it is ever hot enough here for waterparks (or I should say hot enough for me.  I’m kind of a wimp).  I mean, we do really enjoy it there.  The sun does feel really hot, but as soon as I get wet, I am just freezing.  Again, it’s still early, by August, I will likely be singing a different tune.  Davey, on the other hand, goes down the slide over and over and over and has a great time.

Davey and I just finished making chocolate chip cookies.  I call it our low altitude recipe with high altitude consequences.  When I followed the high altitude instructions, they didn’t like the cookies nearly as much.  They like the flat chewy result of high altitude prepared according to sea level instructions.  Me too actually.

And a short Davey story. Davey brings me superheroes and asks me if they are good guys or bad guys.  If I guess wrong, which is often, he says, “But Mommy – Look at his/her face.  Is he angry?  Does he have an angry face????”

And that’s all.  I am being summoned upstairs to help with the Davey nighttime rituals.  David just gave him a bath.  I must now appear with his small cup of milk and his toothbrush!

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