Tumbling Attire and a shawlette

Today Davey was Spiderman.  Or actually more specifically it went like this:

I said to Davey, “good job Davey!” (I can’t remember what we were doing at the moment.  I think it had to do with making it to the potty in time.)

Davey looked at me and said, “It’s Peter Parker, Mommy.”

He wanted to wear his Spiderman costume to tumbling.

I guess here he was explaining why.

Notice how short the costume is.  He wore this last Halloween.  I guess he’s grown a few inches since then.

Spidey in the shadows – with a grin. I am thinking the costume is so small that his arm mobility must have been limited.

He did wear this to tumblin’, but he agreed to take it off once he got there.  I think he would burst out of the seams running around in it too much  (He’d like that actually – it’d be very Hulk-like).

And I finished a project today.  It’s blocking.  I like taking blocking pictures.  I kind of amuse myself with them.  Everyone else might be more annoyed by the varying heights of the pins.

I’ve knitted this pattern before not too long ago.  It’s the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief.  It’s a great project to carry along with me where ever I go.  I can pick it up easily and knit a row or 1/2.

It’s nice to finish something up!

5 thoughts on “Tumbling Attire and a shawlette

  1. Davey is quite the character (perhaps literally too!)

    Your shawl looks lovely…I agree, there’s just something about blocking pics (and wip pics!)

  2. Well, if you can’t wear your Spidey costume to tumbling, then where can you wear it?

    The shawl is lovely — please don’t tell me what that pretty yarn is.

    I need to have a completely simple project to leave in the car, one that requires no pattern or questions about “where was i last time i worked on this.” I usually take something with me if I know i’m going to wait somewhere, but have had a number of surprise “waits” lately. Maybe a scarf that’s just ribbing?

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