Berry Patch Farm

Saturday we made our first trip to Berry Patch farms.

What a fun farm. There were some chickens, cats, and dogs running around and also this fine specimen of a turkey.  He was incredible.

Davey was striding along – ready to pick strawberries!

The strawberries were small and just perfect for little Davey eatin’.

and he ate, and he ate and he ate

It is an organic farm so he only ran the risk of a little dirt.  We heard parents all around us saying, “stop eating those!  Don’t eat so many strawberries!”  They were pretty irresistible though.

He paused briefly for a picture with me.

but only briefly.

We did pretty well and had somehow managed to pick them faster then he could eat them.

I have a feeling we will be back there a couple more times at the end of July and in August when they get their next round of strawberries.  And raspberries!

3 thoughts on “Berry Patch Farm

  1. Looks like fun! We used to pick blueberries every summer & figured it was cheaper at the end (they weighed them to determine price) if we didn’t complain about how many the kids ate while picking.

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