Rock Star Davey

Today Davey agreed to participate in a photo shoot.  This was to help out one of David’s students.

Davey was first photographed posing with his arms up.  Abit like Superman.

Then they began transforming him into Rock Star Davey.

Black Hoodie:

A little gel in the hair:

Gotta wear shades:

Strap on the guitar (There’s probably a much cooler way to say this – something maybe involving the word ax, but I better not push it).

He was ready to go.

He was ready to rock.

He had a good ole time.   He received the perfect compensation for a 3 year old.  M&Ms and a Thor action figure.

I was having a great time too as I’d never taken pictures in a room with the lights and everything all set up.  It was great fun.

Davey is having a good day all around.  His Uncle Michael and Aunt Holly got here last night, and Davey loves having them here.  He told Holly a little while ago, “This sure is a good day!”

It is!

5 thoughts on “Rock Star Davey

  1. Oops C.P. Forget the southpaw comment, I was confused by the bright lights 🙂 Thought he was strumming with his left hand! Enjoy having Michael and Holly there…

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