I have not posted in several days, and it has resulted in a build-up of stories about which I want to blog!

I’ll go back to Saturday and our trip to Leadville.  My brother and his wife ran the Leadville 1/2 marathon.  At least we all thought it was a 1/2 until the night before, when they learned it was a “Heavy” half and so a bit over 15 miles long.  They started at 10,000 feet and ran up Mosquito Pass to 13,000 feet!  They did great – that altitude was crazy though.

David, Davey and I went to cheer them on.  We missed them at the 4 mile rest stop, but it was also the 11 mile rest stop when they came back, so we hung out there and waited for them.

We had to entertain Davey as it took them abit of time to climb that almost 3,000 feet and then come back down.

Here’s what they climbed.  Switchbacks to the tippy top.

So to pass some time, Davey and I decided to create a sculpture/bridge/castle.

We created quite a masterpiece.  Dandelions, rocks, and wood were our media.

Davey found a Christmas Tree Rock to add to our piece.

It was dusty and dry up there, and we all got pretty dusty ourselves.

After awhile, here came Michael and Holly!

After they passed through, we returned to Leadville to meet them at the finish line.

I’m going to blame this photo (and the other 4 David took) on the effects of high altitude.

I look thrilled don’t I?

So we waited in town, and when they approached the finish,  Davey was ready to greet them with high 5s !

They finished strong.  Pretty cool.




4 thoughts on “Leadville

  1. thanks so much for coming out to cheer us on! it made the whole event even better. thanks for the neat little blog too 🙂

  2. Wow! They must be in really great shape to be able to come out here and do Leadville. My hat is off to them! Awesome!

    I had to laugh at the porta-potty photo.

  3. I can’t imagine running 15 miles at any altitude, so I completely admire them both!

    I love your art installation, too. Creativity goes everywhere, doesn’t it?

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