Winkie…the baby bunny

There are baby bunnies under our deck.  Every once in awhile they venture out into the backyard.  But then yesterday afternoon we went outside to the front porch to check out the thunderstorm which was brewing.

As we sat down on the front steps, we saw a baby bunny just a few feet from us.  Silly bunnies have very little fear.

As you can see, Davey and I decided to put out a couple of carrots for the bunny (Davey of course immediately named the bunny Winkie).

Apparently, the bunny was not acquainted with carrots.  I tried to tell Davey that he would sniff out them out and recognize them as bunny food, but Winkie seemed to prefer the blades of grass.

Davey told David,  “Daddy, he can mow for us!”

I think Davey might have been trying to convince the bunny to try the carrots here.

We got excited for a moment when the bunny appeared to be moving toward the carrot.

But he just hopped right on past them.

We figure he went home and described the carrots to his mama, and his mama explained to him that he had missed quite a treat.

After the bunny left, I took a few pictures of Davey making silly faces.

Then he demonstrated Superman flying.

Then he decided that he wanted David to come back outside with us, so he went and rang the doorbell.  Many times.

Davey was quite happy when Daddy came to the door.

Soon after that, the rain began coming down in buckets, and we went inside.   Perhaps we will be able to convince the baby bunnies to try the carrots on another day.


4 thoughts on “Winkie…the baby bunny

  1. I can’t remember a summer when we’ve had so many thunderstorms. I wonder if it’s helping the bunny population. Maybe that’s why your bunny didn’t eat the carrots–too much yummy green grass available!

  2. Ah, if only we could count on the bunnies to do the lawn mowing. Sadly, I can tell you from experience that this will not work, they prefer to eat the more exotic things, like any plant you spent money on.

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