Saturday in Review

It’s about time to get Davey to bed.  He’s had a fun day.  He ended up spending most of the morning playing with the little girls across the street.

I did go to the grocery store, but I did not go to the library or post office.  Oh well, they’ll be there tomorrow and Monday.

I did buy postcards.  I learned about a website called Postcrossing.  You ask for an address and then you mail a postcard to that address.  Once you’ve mailed out a few and they have been received, then you can also receive postcards yourself.  You can start out sending 5 of them.  I thought Davey might really enjoy getting postcards from people from all over the world.

I got postcards ready to go to China, Russia, Germany, England and Texas today  (I guess I checked the box that we’d do domestic cards as well).  The website has been around for about 6 years.  They have rankings and one person has sent over 5,000 postcards!  Davey and I will make a bulletin board or something.  We won’t get too crazy with it.  It should be fun though!

This afternoon, Davey and David (mostly David) drew a Legion Of Doom city and whatever the superhero one is called.  Hall of Justice?

You can kinda see what’s going on here.  They drew dune buggies, and buildings, and cars and boats and airplanes.

Davey enjoyed this.

I wish I would have gotten a close-up of his shirt.  I just got him that shirt.  Why did I buy white?  Not sure what I was thinking except I knew he’d like the lightning bolts.  It now bears evidence of every single thing he touched today.  Peanut butter, grape jelly, strawberries, juice, popsicles, just to name a few.

They finally got hot and went inside.

I stayed outside and did some knitting.

It was hot but not so bad under the shade of the backyard trees (and basketball hoop).

Kokopuff hung out with me although she gets nervous as soon as she senses the camera pointing at her.

And now Davey is in the bath.  Time to read stories and sing songs.

5 thoughts on “Saturday in Review

  1. Looks like a very relaxing summer’s day! The postcard thing sounds very cool…it’s always so much fun to get something like that in the mail, I’m sure Davey will love it 🙂

    White and boys are not a good combo, thankfully there’s Shout and bleach!

  2. Girl, I wish you’d been with me Friday–did a four hour class on socks–two at a time on one needle. Nightmare! My brain got it, but my fingers and eyes didn’t….
    I love the postcard idea–that’s a great idea for kids.
    I just finished a cute scarf with a lace-like detail. As soon as it’s finished blocking, I’m posting it. I want to try one of your scarves…. my lace class isn’t until fall and I don’t think I can wait!

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