Wednesday Water

I’ve not posted since Saturday.  Yikes!  It’s been a busy time for us.  It’s the end of our semester for one thing.  Then a bigger thing was that our Koko puff got sick again.  Her vestibular head tilt vertigo spinny problem has recurred.  Poor girl.  We took her to the vet yesterday.  Turns out she also has an ulcer on her cornea which apparently is very painful.  Why are dogs so darn stoic?  I wish she’d howl so I’d know she was hurting.

So we are working on getting her better.  The vet called today with a report on Koko’s bloodwork.  She said that she hoped her bloodwork looked that great when she became an elderly lady like 15 year old Koko.  So that was some good news at least.

Koko’s coat is in not the best shape maybe due to age or possibly something going on with her endocrine system.  So Davey and I gave her a bath with special medicated soap  yesterday.  Davey was very sweet helping me and talked to Koko about her “precious fur”.

Today Davey and I spent a little time outside.   I fashioned a small water play area for Davey.  I got out his disk sled, a couple of buckets, bathtub toys, and he was set.   He also came up with a bead necklace and “Two-Face” the super villain.  Then he was really set!

He gets so focused on the story he is making up.  If he notices me watching him, he gives me a great smile and says, “Mommy, I’m pretending!” indicating that I need to not pay attention to what he is doing.

He’s really getting into it here.

Unfortunately a storm was brewing and I soon had to get him inside.  Here’s where I told him that I’d heard thunder.

And a smile.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Water

  1. I’m sorry Koko isn’t feeling well and I hope she’s better by now. It’s so hard when pets are ill.

    That smile of Davey’s certain brightens things up!

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