Saturday morning stuff

Saturday morning.

I think we are going to take Davey to see his very first movie ever today:  Winnie the Pooh.

The first three postcards we mailed via have been received.  So we are getting three more ready to go this morning.   I think I am having as much or more fun than Davey with this, although I know he will love receiving the postcards.  He loves all things mail.

Speaking of which he got a card from his Uncle Michael and Aunt Holly yesterday.  It had a picture of a cat dressed up as Wonder Woman on the front.  He loves that card.  He took it to bed last night.  He keeps telling us how “handsome” the cat is.

Davey does not like laugh tracks.   He watches Disney Jr in the morning sometimes, so when we turn on the tv later in the day it will be on the “big kid” shows.  As soon as he sees that one of these shows are on, he says, “Quick turn it!  I don’t like that laughing!”   It’s funny, I don’t even hear the laugh track anymore, but he’s got a great point.  Do we really need to be guided as when to laugh?  He doesn’t think so.

Ok he was actually just in a time out.  I gotta go get him.   He just threw a rather large fit because he wanted another episode of Spiderman, and he’d watched plenty this morning.   As I carried him up the stairs he was apologizing while attempting to slug me at the same time.  A confused 3 year old with a bit of a hot temper.   It’s all ok now though.  Time outs are great for him.  He gets into bed and looks at a book and calms right down.

Target often has great little workbooks and game books in their $1.00 section.  We are going to go do some connect the dots and learn about dinosaurs.

Happy Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Saturday morning stuff

  1. I’m right there with Davey. I don’t like the laugh tracks either. Actually I don’t watch much TV so I forgot about that annoying feature. If I do turn on the TV, it’s to watch craft, design, and home shows that don’t have an audience.

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