Movie, Splashin’, Hockey and Casa Bonita!

Saturday was a big day.

Davey was smiling about it.  He told me that he was using his hands to help him even smile bigger because he was just so excited!

He was so excited because we were on our way to see his first movie ever in the theatre.

I even took a picture of the drive there.

We saw Winnie the Pooh.  It was a perfect first movie.  The length was just right at just over an hour.  Although he really enjoyed it, by the time an hour went by, he was just about ready to go.

He loved the big chair.  He loved the popcorn, candy and lemonade.  Actually, he loved the idea of the snacks more then he actually enjoyed consuming them.  He was too excited.  David and I were too.  It was the first movie we’d been to in probably over a year.  And it was such a cute movie!  Perfect for Davey.

Some of the previews were a little loud for him and he put his hands over his ears.  He also spent most of the movie first in my lap and then in David’s.  He wasn’t scared of the movie, maybe it was the dark theatre that propelled him to our laps.  We didn’t mind.

After the movie, we walked around the outdoor shopping area and we found a splash park.  It was a great one.  Davey loved it.  We took turns maneuvering him through the fountains.

He also ventured in on his own.

And had a great time.

After the splash park, we walked around a little more.

Oh, but I have to mention the “ninja tinkle”.  Davey loves finding secret places to “tinkle”.  And he tends to wait until he really really has to go go, so we often don’t have much time.  So here they went on the hunt for the perfect spot.   Oh to be a boy (although we may be ticketed at some point if we are not careful)!

There is an ice center in the same area (this is in Westminster), and we all watched our first hockey practice.  That was really fun.  Davey didn’t want to leave.

And then we got a call from a friend.  Did we want to meet at Casa Bonita?  Heck yeah, we love to go to Casa Bonita.  So we stopped by Target for a change of clothes (we weren’t anticipating a splash park followed by Casa Bonita).

And the matching Davids led the way.

Davey got to sit with 4 or so little girls who were between 5 and 8 I think.  They took good care of him, and he was just thrilled to be part of their group.  He is so social.  He told me last night that he wished all the kids in the world could be his age.   He loves friends!

So it was a big day.  A fun fun day.

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