Some Knitting and the Berry Patch

I found the cutest little keychain the other day.  It’s a miniature sock blocker.  You knit a sock to go on it.  I can’t wait to do this.

Just the coolest!

I’m also moving along on my Girasole blanket.  It’s growing.  I am going to post a picture, but it’s just going to look like a Girasole blob.  However, it’s progress.

So that’s a little knitting.  Lately, I’ve been taping old Frasier episodes and  watching them while I knit.  One of my favorite shows.  I also found all of the Andy Griffith episodes on netflix instant viewing – that’s my very favorite!

Davey and I went back to the Berry Patch farm today.  We picked black raspberries and red currants.  I forgot to take a picture of the red currants before I started turning them into jelly.

Berry picking always seems like such a sweet frolic.   I never fail to romanticize the whole process.  In my mind, the berries jump into my basket.   I am now making a point to remind myself for once and for all.  This is not true.  Today there were mosquitoes  (We sprayed but they were around).  The raspberry bushes were very thorny.  The black ripe raspberries were hiding in the center of the bushes.  My arms can tell the tale of my struggle to get to them.  The Berry Patch website had recommended wearing long sleeves.  It wasn’t that hot, but I really didn’t feel like long sleeves. I should have worn them.  Next time I will (next time?!?).

Davey was ready to go pretty much after I picked the first few black raspberries.  He got over the romance very quickly.  I managed to pick a few pints though.

I didn’t pick a ton.  I needed David there picking with me.

We picked about 2 pints of red currants as well.  Those little boogers are not easy picking.

I picked enough to make three little 1/2 pints of jelly.  It’s tasty though and has me wanting to head back for more.

I just can’t stay away.  Soon we can return for strawberries.

3 thoughts on “Some Knitting and the Berry Patch

  1. Christina — once again, I find myself smiling at your wonderful blog stories! You make the most of your time–always. I’m glad to know you are still knitting…I have a hard time with larger projects in the warm weather, but always have some socks going. Your currant jelly is so beautiful–it looks like a red gemstone in those beautiful little jars. And it IS tasty, isn’t it? Thanks for always providing sweet windows into your family life for friends near and far. As Anne of Green Gables would say…”you must be a kindred spirit!”

  2. The little jars of currant jelly look like jewels. Your Girasole blanket has the same colors as the black raspberries! The land where our house is built had wild black raspberry bushes which we had to cut down. My daughter and I picked them clean first and made about 8 jars of jam. Yummy!

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