Friday Happenin’s

It’s been a nice Friday.

I took Koko to the vet this morning.  The ulcer in her eye is getting a little less deep and it seems to be healing.  I will hope it continues to make progress.  She had a fever the other day, and I think an ear infection.  We got her a new antibiotic and her ear looks much better today.  And no more fever! And she’s eating more again!

The trip to the vet just about wears her out.  She’s been asleep for most of the day.  Although she likely would have been asleep most of the day anyway.

Davey went to tumblin’ with David and had a great time as usual.  Next week he will go a 3 hour camp there.  It’s going to involve real firemen and a firetruck.  He is going to love that.

Tonight we went to Casa Bonita with his great friend Olivia and her family.  Olivia and Davey walk nearly everywhere hand in hand and play and play and play together.  It’s so fun to watch them together.  They are almost the exact same size and they are just cute!

Oh and today we received our first postcrossing postcard!  It came from Japan. Davey enjoyed it, but I think I am still getting a bigger kick out of it than he is!

I am also now a total ebook reader convert.  I downloaded Anne of Green Gables the other day from Project Gutenberg.  It is a great source for free ebooks.  Lots of classics.  I never thought I would like the whole ebook thing, but after I got a free Kindle as a result of opening a new bank account, I thought I would give it a whirl.

One of the main reasons that I like it is that it makes it much easier to knit and read.  The Kindle is nice and flat and easy to position. I knit abit and read abit as I seem to be afflicted with the problem of needing to be doing more than one thing at once.

And I loved loved reading Anne of Green Gables  again.  So much so that I downloaded Anne of Avonlea today.

That’s all.  Davey fell asleep quickly.  David too for that matter!

3 thoughts on “Friday Happenin’s

  1. That’s good news about Koko.

    I just re-read the Anne series a few years ago and loved them. Someday I would love to go to Nova Scotia, it sounds beautiful.

  2. I was at a friend’s house this weekend (in Dallas) and borrowed his Kindle and I kind of liked it! I’m just concerned about the can of worms that I’d be opening with downloading books.

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