Buffalo Bill and the Bay

Yesterday morning we went to Buffalo Bill Days in Golden.

It was fun.  It got pretty hot though, and Davey was either a little tired or just hot because he was rather grumpy.  This was pretty much his expression throughout the morning.

There were a few highpoints though.  We watched a parade for awhile.  He liked that – for awhile.

I had to show Mom the “extreme librarians”.  They were from Jefferson County Library and they danced around.  They were fun.

Davey enjoyed the bouncy houses and he rode on his first small ferris wheel.

He was a little unsure at first.

He settled in and had a great time though.  I like this picture of David looking up at him.

It was a fun festival, but we got out of there before it got too hot.

Then last night our library had an end of the Summer Reading Program party at the outdoor water park.

Davey spent some time on this slide.  He always starts out very cautiously, and he basically scoots down instead of sliding.  He keeps at it though and builds his confidence until he is whooshing down pretty quickly.

Davey’s swimming teacher was one of the lifeguards there last night.  Davey loved this.  He would grin and wave at her from time to time.  He pretended like he was at swimming lessons.  I didn’t get pictures of this, but he practiced his crawl stroke.  He does it very slowly and deliberately.  Then he’d put his face in the water.  He did that several times.  4 weeks of swimming lessons have helped him immensely with his confidence in the water.

I just really liked the light on this picture.

There was a bubble station as well.  He liked me to blow bubbles and he tried to whack at them or dodge them.

It was a nice evening.

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