HexiPuffs, Girasole and Cootle

I’ve been knitting quite abit.

Girasole is kind of a big project and is going slowly.

I tried to take another picture of my Girasole Blob.  But a blob in any photographic setting remains a blob.

In about 15 rounds, I will be increasing from 320 stitches to 640.  I might be able to get a better picture then.  I can’t quite imagine a 640 stitch round.  I’ll be knitting about 2 rounds a day!

I also started a really fun project called “The Beekeeper’s Quilt” (Thanks to my friend Natalie for telling me about it!) . Here is a link to the designer’s blog – Beekeeper’s Quilt.  She has a fun video there where she talks about knitting this quilt.  It is made out of about 400 of these:

That’s my first one.  My only one.  I made it yesterday, and it went quickly.  As I practice I’ll get better at it.  This one is not quite perfect.  Stephanie, the designer, suggests carrying a little bag in your purse where ever you go.  You just need the yarn, needles, crochet hook, scissors and a little polyfill.  She suggests it be your “knit on the go” project.  That way you just knit a hexipuff here and there and they’ll start to stack up in your hexipuff basket.  She actually suggests making them for a year.  So that would be about 1 a day.  That’s manageable!

I love looking at the completed quilt on her webpage.

So that’s knitting.

Davey is running around eating goldfish and playing.  He likes to play in our bedroom.  He suggested just going ahead and making it his the other day.  “Mommy!  I will have more room.”

Koko thought it was a pretty good idea too I guess.

Davey also likes playing “Cootle” as he calls it.  He even pretty much wants to follow the rules.

Today he wants us to go get “Don’t Break the Ice”.  That should be fun!


4 thoughts on “HexiPuffs, Girasole and Cootle

  1. I agree with above; looks like a beautiful blog! I love the hexipuffs. I clicked on her website and love the quilt too. It looks like the puffs are stuffed (hence, “puff”!) and I wonder what it would look like unstuffed?? I might need to try this–sounds like a great way to get rid of my leftovers!

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