Did you know that dragonflies have 3,000 lenses per eye?  Those little guys have some range of vision!

This was just one of the things we learned about dragonflies this morning.

Our rec center sponsors a series of  nature walks for preschoolers, and today we went on our first one.

Davey liked making this little dragonfly with a clothespin, paper, and a pipe cleaner.  We attached a magnet, and I was looking forward to putting it on the fridge.  However, on the way home, he took two wings off to make it a “butterfly”.  Then from there, he just completely dismantled it  (not that there was much dismantling left to do).

Although Davey liked learning about the dragonflies, he was more interested in:

Running with the pack:

Making a new friend and off they went – hand in hand.

But he did really enjoy searching for “dragonfly parts”, and when he found one, he was so excited.  “Mommy!  Mommy! LOOK!”

Tonight we were talking about the day while he was getting sleepy.  We talked about the dragonfly part that he found.  He told me it was green.  I insisted that no it was blue.  We went back and forth for awhile.  I was certain it was blue, but I finally agreed with him to end the discussion.

I should have listened to him.

They sat for a short story.  He enjoyed that too.

Seems like such a long-legged kid here!

I always like to get a close-up if I can.

We’ll have to do that again!


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