Crocheting Craze

I’ve started crocheting again.  I used to make afghans and I’d crochet the occasional stuffed toy.  But I decided to try a hat.  Or two.  Well, I’ve started on my 3rd.

I’ve been working on my Girasole for awhile, and I needed a break  (The blob is ever growing). Crochet goes so quickly, and the patterns I’m working on are really fun.  It’s a great way to knit up some of my yarn too.

So I crocheted a couple of hats.

I began with a simple beanie.

That was so much fun that I decided to try another.  My second hat was of a slouchier style.

It was fun taking outdoor no flash pictures of my hats on my little mannequin lady head.  However, it was more fun to involve Davey.

We modeled together as well.

I’ve started a black hat that is going to be very slouchy and will be done with primarily a puff stitch.

I’m having mucho fun.


5 thoughts on “Crocheting Craze

  1. beautiful work, as usual! Are these Ravelry patterns? I wish I looked as good in a hat as both of you do. My head was just not meant to wear hats. Sigh.

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