Nederland & the Lost Ball

Yesterday afternoon, we decided to go one of our exploration drives.  We hadn’t done this in awhile.  We decided to drive up to Nederland which is about 18 miles west of Boulder.

It was a beautiful drive.   We drove through a canyon most of the way alongside a river.  Boulder Creek?  I don’t even know what it is called.  Lots of rugged rock formations along the way as well.

We came up into Nederland where there was a beautiful lake.  Nederland is a small mountain town.

We walked around a little and looked in shop windows.  Davey liked this one.

We walked through a covered bridge.  Always a fun thing.

We even found a German American restaurant where we decided we wanted to have dinner.

But before we sat down, we first looked over the menu and found it to be pricey and so we decided to pass.  Pricey meals with a 3 year old don’t typically work out too well.

Davey was not happy.  At all.

(He was fine within minutes though and later had pizza in Boulder.)

There looks to be great camping and hiking all around Nederland.  We will try that someday when Davey gets a little older.

That was about it for Nederland.  We had to navigate around several groups of kids (young adults) who were on a search.  We overheard, “I just have to find some weed and I’ll meet you back at the camp”.  Not exactly our scene, and we decided it was about time to head home.

More than our trip to Nederland, I enjoyed the quest for the Lost Ball.  There may be many Lost balls in our future, but I really enjoyed documenting the attempts to get it back.

David and Davey were playing basketball in our backyard, when they accidentally threw the ball into the neighbor’s yard. (I have been asked to edit this to explain that the ball actually BOUNCED into the neighbor’s yard.)

They decided to try to figure out how to retrieve that ball without having to bother our neighbor.

The ball.

Gathering more supplies to retrieve ball.

Another attempt:

There was another attempt which involved a bag and a cord, but finally Davey and I went and asked the neighbor if we could go into his backyard.  We were granted access.

The little things.

2 thoughts on “Nederland & the Lost Ball

  1. I love that this basketball incident created actual communication with your neighbor which is usually a good thing. Sometimes we “see” our neighbors coming and going for years without actually ever making contact with them, face to face. Sounds like you guys had a great day in a beautiful place with just a tiny bit of not-so-good. I’m glad you are enjoying Colorado and making some great family memories.

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