Quiet Weekend of Anticipation

We had a pretty quiet weekend but at the same time we were getting very excited about the arrival of “the cousins”.  We were so excited for my sister and family to arrive.

We spent Sunday cleaning.  I made some refrigerator pickles.  I have to show a picture, because I just think refrigerator pickles are so pretty in their little jars.

I also was inspired by a friend to make a caprese salad.   I got lucky and found some great tomatoes at the farmer’s market.  I just found this salad almost too pretty to eat.  We gobbled it up though.

So that’s the food photo section of the post.

We hung around in the backyard too.  It was a beautiful day especially in the shade.   David showed Davey how to make his superheroes swing on ropes (yarn).

Davey found this hilarious.

He was fascinated.

And then he wanted to try it out for himself.

I was happy to sit, knit, and watch them.

5 thoughts on “Quiet Weekend of Anticipation

  1. Refegerator pickels!
    Their soooo pretty I was raised pickling and canning with my Dad.
    That margirita salad looked sooo yummy..it makes a vegitarian belly happy and satisfied just looking at it 😀
    I miss Davy…he was soo adoralbe with supperheros !
    You and your kniting..watching the boys and knitting that’s you!

  2. You reminded me that I have a bag of basil in the fridge and more cherry tomatoes than one family can eat… My husband’s little garden did really well this year and he’ll be sad if we don’t use it all.

    I love your yarn zip lines 🙂

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