Sunday afternoon

It was a beautiful kinda chilly day here today.

I’d passed an open space the other day that looked like it might be fun to walk around.   There was a little path, and we followed it around for a loop that maybe was about 3/4 a mile?  We really enjoyed it.

Davey picked up a stick, and he led the way.  He told us that he needed to clear the path.  He cleared it so much that he had a blister on his finger when he was done.  His skin is so soft, but it didn’t occur to me that he’d get a blister waving that stick.  He was waving with vigor though.

Such a pretty fall day.

And then David wanted to get a picture of Davey and me.

When we got home, Davey’s friends from across the street came outside to play in the leaves.  They have a beautiful red maple, and its leaves have already turned and fallen.

Davey liked burrowing into the pile.

So fun to watch them play.


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