A visit and green mountain

My brother and his wife stayed with us the past couple of days.  They came through on the way from New Jersey where they lived, to San Francisco, where they are moving to.  Quite a haul across the country, and we were glad they could stay with us for a short time.

They have a young dog named Nora, and Davey had so much fun playing with her.  All day long it was, “come on girl. here girl.  let’s go girl.  good girl.  go girl.”

So on Wednesday evening we went to Green Mountain so that David and Michael could do a hilly run.  I had had to teach most of the day, so I met Holly and Davey there, and we went on a nice walk with Nora.

It’s hard to tell exactly what he is doing here, but he is shaking Nora’s hand, which he loves to do.

Davey liked playing on these rocks, and he agreed to pose for a shot for me.

We were trying to work a picture with Aunt Holly, Nora and Davey in it.  Holly was very cooperative.  Nora and Davey took some work.


But then he wanted to have fun with it.   “Take my picture Mommy!” Here’s Davey being so silly in silhouette.

David will readily admit that he is a show out (Before David, I knew this as “show off”, but he calls it “showin’ out”).  It seems that Davey has inherited these show out tendencies.

He looks just like David in this picture!


Funny kid.


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