A Very Very Good Cowl Indeed

So I finished my cowl the other day for the Great Cowl KAL.  The name of the pattern is “A Very Good Cowl Indeed”.  I really really loved knitting it with the Wollmeise.  It was a really fun pattern to knit too, once I got the lace charts figured out, so I have renamed it “A Very Very Good Cowl Indeed”.  It’s turned out to be one of my favorite things that I have ever knitted.

I had fun taking pictures of it.

I have a cold sore on my lip that feels like it is the size of Texas, so I was more than happy to once again have Davey serve as my model.  I’m glad I did, because I got some fun pictures of him.

I don’t get these more serious expressions very often.  It’s not that he never makes them, I just usually don’t capture them with my camera.

And another:

But then he got goofy and started grinning and moving in towards me.

And those grins are the best!

The Great Cowl KAL

Today I finished my first cowl for “The Great Cowl Kal“.  The designer Liz Abinante has designed the cowls for this KAL and is leading it. I could not resist joining this knit-along.  I am going to try to knit 5 cowls in 50 days.  You have 10 days to knit the first pattern which is what I just finished.  If you finish in time and post photos of the finished object to her website, then you get the next pattern for free.  This is a challenge that sounded very fun to me.  So on Wednesday or Thursday, whenever she releases the 2nd cowl, I will have 10 days to complete it so that I can receive the next pattern for free.  I am also going to try to knit each cowl from yarn that I already own.

So here’s the first finished cowl.  This is Plymouth baby alpaca and I bought this yarn several years ago back in Arkadelphia!

I’d never knitted brioche stitch before, and I loved it.  It’s really fun to knit, and I love how pretty it is.

I’m not thrilled with the bind off that I used.  With this kind of yarn – which has little elasticity, I should have made sure that I used a really stretchy loose cast off method.  As a result, it kind of curls under at the edge, which makes it difficult to get it to lie flat.

Of course, regardless, I think Davey’s pretty cute in it!