It’s a beautiful Spring day here in Colorado.  We headed outside.

We threw a frisbee around for a little bit, and then we remembered that we’d been wanting to try out the boomerang that David’s parents had brought back from Australia for us.

Davey wasn’t quite sure what to do with it.

So we let Daddy take over.  If I remember correctly, he’d tossed around a boomerang some as a kid.

It took some practice before David got the hang of it again.

He started to really get the “form”.

At one point, the boomerang spent a little time in a tree.

Davey found David’s efforts hilarious.

And exciting.  There was a moment when the boomerang was coming right at Davey  and me (instead of back to David), and we were scurrying around like crazy.

Fortunately Davey found a sword with which he promised to protect us.

Next Davey decided that Daddy needed his help.

Davey tried not to get bonked on the nose while staying as close to David as he could.

They were starting to get the hang of it.  Here was a mighty effort to meet the boomerang on its return.

So close and one of my favorite pictures of David ever!




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