and finally Crested Butte

We spent part of a couple days in Crested Butte.  We’ve been to quite a few beautiful places in Colorado now, but Crested Butte remains one of our favorite places to visit.

We began with breakfast at Paradise Cafe. I guess it’s been around for almost 25 years.  We enjoyed it!

Davey had pancakes and scrambled eggs.


He was happy with his breakfast! Davey is kinda particular, so I’m always happy when he digs in and enjoys a meal!


It was not an ideal day for wandering around Crested Butte.  A little too rainy, but we don’t see much rain around here, so it was kinda nice.


There’s a really nice toy store in Crested Butte, so we spent some time in there, and then we decided to head back to the cabin.

We returned to Crested Butte the next afternoon though, and it was a much nicer day. (We ate at Brick Oven on this day, and Davey thoroughly enjoyed their pizza as well!)

He went back to the toy store.  In this picture he is playing with some building toys called Jawbones.  We got him some and he has really enjoyed building with them.  He and David have built several things since we got home.  There are wheels and hingy type pieces.  Really neat.


I liked this shot of him walking down the street too.  He’s getting so big.


There is an awesome playground in Crested Butte as well, and we spent a good while there.  They had this digging toy thing.


There was a little girl on it when we arrived.  Davey played on the nearby swing and waited patiently – for probably ten minutes – for her to be done.  He didn’t pressure her nor did he really give any indication that he was waiting to get on it.  It was sweet.  As soon as she left, he was on it instantly!

He dug and spun and pivoted and dug sand for a long time!


He loved it!  Then he met twin boys from Austin, TX.  They were almost exactly the same age as Davey.  He had a great time playing with them.  Davey loves to meet new kids. Our cabin was right above the playground, and he always kept an eagle eye out to see if there were any kids!  If there were, off he’d go.  “Mommy! Kids!”

It was a fun trip.  I’m so glad that I can blog about it. Here’s my plug for blogging. I already really enjoy just looking back at my blog from the last couple of years.  I’ll go back and read some random day about something we did.  Often, I’ll have already almost forgotten about whatever it was we did on that particular day.  It’s a nice way to tell our stories.


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